cloudy day is actually pretty fascinating.

this morning’s weather just fit me. I wanted to share this, as you grow older, you will realize what you like better, cause you have experienced more. even for your weather.

it was warm yet windy, and no sun is out, still bright, though but not too much, sky was all covered with clouds. and just couple hours before rain. its like before storm day on south island, with little humid. that feeling, as I was walking to my work on the streets, I felt it, this was just great feeling I ever had. cloudy morningĀ  is depressing for some people, and I was that person who just wants to be in the sun, get tanned, feel the burn… but I guess I am getting old. I just love that temperature and atmosphere of the clouds and wind. and I wasnt feeling sad nor unhappy, I just realized that cloudy day can actually make you happy and makes you feel good and alive in laid back way, and just feel peace.

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