CLOSET review

It is time for me to review of what I wear, what I like to wear, what I should throw away, and what I should keep. so I did a review of my closet. and It came out pretty simple.

I made two categories which is WORK and PRIVATE, then make another categories inside that, that is TOPS, PANTS, DRESSES, and SKIRTS. as for OUTER,  I just put outside the categories as I wear at any occasions. and this is April, so I am not including any summer pieces.

but really¬† if you put those clothes on the list visually as you can see it. You know what you need next, and what you don’t have to add anymore, it was a good review, and for the past couple years, I basically survived with whats on the list. I wish I could wear artful pieces…though….that is not really my life at this point.

I should establish this list more, including shoes, bags, and accessories. as simple as it can be, its easier for me to see, and organize! would you like to try??


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