little black layered TOP

I bought this two knit black top at thrift store, my favorite store in the world. I love the simple knit black top on the left, and I decided to add the layer underneath using sheer knit top on the right picture above. and all the other parts from sheer knit top, I will use it for something different tops, upcoming project yes,  cause I just love that material. so for this I did a little structure work, but nothing difficult, basically I cut the front bodice of  sheer knit top and on the side, I used 3 different ribbons to add the side of the layer. choosing ribbons are quite difficult, cause if you go to fabric store, you  just have  too many options to chose from, but I just follow my instinct, and I could find the combination that I liked. 

I loved the final look, little edgy but not too much so you can wear it to work! and what I loved most about this top was I can get the feel of TOGA!!(my all time favorite Japanese apparel brand)

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