Hot Towel Heaven

this is the easiest way to reset your mind, and even kind of cure to your headache/eyestrain, and even running nose, sneezing, even covers when you catch cold only on your face.  at least it will make you forget those symptoms while you are at it.

It gets very annoying and destructive when your face is like this, so my routine for just go to heaven a little bit  is this.

what you need to prepare, are towel, water and microwave.

I prefer hand wash towels which sizes are around 25cm ×60cm as it keeps the heat and last longer, you just wet the towel and squeeze the water out. and put it in the microwave for about 1minute with 700w.

be careful with the towel when you take it out from the microwave, it gets really hot, and first you need to open and spread the towel to release the heat so you can touch and put them on your face. ( this needs a little adjustment. your face skin is sensitive. and just relax for about 5minutes. you can meditate too.


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