DIY Lip ring(inspired by liplace)

this was an experiment, but It turns out pretty good, so I had to post it right away! I saw this liplace by lacebytanaya.   I saw her work on instagram, I had to try it. So I bought metal parts from jewelry shop and used bigger jump rings which was 10mm size open to adjust to fit your under lip, and then just glued it on the metal parts where you desire. the place I wanted to put was not inside the mouth, so i go ahead and used the glue, and it turned alright. I would try more, and put tutorials later to add this on article.

so far you can drink and talk, but probably take it off when you eat, you dont get to wear it on a daily basis, but still I like to put it on when I get the chance to go nightclub sometimes this year…for people to accept this type of jewelry, probably better at night. lol


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