BYE BYE 2017 and finishing layout my room!

wow this year is  going to be over today! so for this year, my blog has struggled as it is hard for me to even make time for myself, but I will look forward to that next year. because I finish one thing done by this year. which is….

my (little-maybe, but possibly forever) final layout in the room has decided, and I AM LOVING it. let me explain. I have been looking for the perfect layout which will have everything for about, lets say FOREVA.

so my room free space is about 3150mm(window side)×2700mm(wall side) and in that I wanted relax space and work space in one. here is my final decision.

relax area is the one to put my pc, make up, drink bar, and sofa. Work area includes cutting sewing table, and sewing machine area, and my draping work area, so basically 3 spaces and needs a lot of storage, and  I am happy that I found this, even I can not fully open the window so much any more. hopefully this will stay so I can focus on actually creating something remaqulous! For me I think this is what you call GOLDEN layout plan. (and my family all wonder how long this lasts…)




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