ready for winter? part 2: FUR WARMER

I made this also, couple years ago. Fur warmer/stole with pocket. as I was making it and try it on, I found it very un-useful as it lock both of your shoulders to hold. so I decide it to wear in diagonal which will free both of your arms to move freely, and even made a pocket so its like one big pouch that you can wear.

want to make one? it is easy but little tricky as I remember.

  1. I had a big fur jacket with 80’s style, and cut the parts as you like but little bigger, as you will wear it over the coat or jacket. be careful with cutting fur, it will make a scene.
  2. I used the stretch fabric in the back, and lining as well, and made a pocket.
  3. and sometimes, hand stitch is better than sewing machine, sometime its hard to sew with sewing machine.

I wore it all winter when I made this. it was warm, and eye-catching!

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