ready for winter? neck warmer from sweater

I actually made this last year, I found this tribal pattern sweater at local used wear store. I just loved it, wanted to do something with it so bad. something I can use it daily, and wear it with me all the time in winter, which was absolutely suited for neck warmer!

so how I did was totally simple and just the easiest.

  1. cut both of sleeve parts from the sweater,make oneĀ  flat knit, and maybe do the hem work with serger, as it might start breaking.
  2. then connect upper side of sleeves and make it in to one long fabric.
  3. sew it into tubular, as later on you might want to add the stuff inside to make it fluffy.
  4. I like big and fluffy, so I added too much cotton in to the tube. It ended up looking like cervical fixed brace…which was pretty laughable. so just simple flat fabric to add the volume was good enough or you just simply close it.
  5. and voila! cute neck warmer, and it can be one of those travel neck pillow too!

and I am making vest with the body parts of its knit sweater, stay tuned!!


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