shoulder on and off, 2way Jamaican shirt

this was done on this end of the summer, as I heard there is some Jamaican Reggae event going on the weekend, and I happened to find see-through shirt for less than $10 at local used wear store.

and I have been meaning to do the shoulder off style as it spreads everywhere from this spring, just to catch up “the trend”. With my little function twist, as this can be worn in 2 ways. one is normal shirt with lining the strips from neck to the breasts, ┬ábut when you move the collar part down, strips shows up to hold the shirt itself, so the sleeves can drop to your arms. and voila, sexy shoulder off tops that everybody wears this summer.

tutorials are easy, I can actually try to the normal shirt too with different strings.

  1. all you need is shirt, and two black flat strings as you like. (and the sewing tools)
  2. cut all the collar part that you dont need, basically make non-collar shirt, and decide where you want to attach the strings on front collar to the back area.(thats the fun part, use your pin and try as long as possible to find the Mr. Right position!)
  3. once its decided, sew it up, and make sure hems are not too weird.
  4. as you put the normal shirt position, it will open pretty wildly, I guess you can keep it that way to wear on the beach or something, but this time, I added the little snap pin so it closes and not too revealing.(oooh im getting old.)
  5. and thats done. not only i could make shoulder off tops, yet you can wear as one normal tops. oh how I love the function style….lol



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