Ultimate 5 blogs that I use as text book

yep, I am stealing here and there...

I am just still new to this game(blogging). I need guidance, goals, and practice. as soul searching of 3 years, I just cant help but checking their blogs to read their articles, not enough, their web designs, and I just pick up what I like from them as my text books for my blogging.

here are my ultimate ultimate blog mentors.

  1. a beautiful mess    they are the goddess sisters and their team is incredible, full of ideas and their tutorial page is the goal!
  2. a pair and spare  her blog is my obsession, contents, and thoughtful article is worth reading. sometime i skip though..
  3. p.s. I made this   this used to be my number 1 blog that I checked it every single day for its updating, I loved her collage. lately not so much its still one of the best DIY blog though.
  4. Man Repeller her website is huge in Fashion world I guess, I checked it daily, I love their collage pictures.
  5. Love Aesthetics minimalist fashion style at its best. very artistic, and change your perspectives. love its website design as well.

take notes?

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