Yay ISSA, I feel you!!

your shirt too!

the show called Insecure is on fire right now, as much as I love how the story goes, I enjoy their fashion as well.

and I just wanted to blog that I made exactly same shirt years ago, that  Issa wore on the last episode(season 2 episode 6) when Issa gave herself  a try to please Daniel…

unfortunately that didnt go well in the end. but I was hyped that how she wore the shirt like that!I should remake again with mens shirt, yea. and you call it HELLA BLOWS!

and it just is super easy to make, what you do is to cut around and length is how you like, and sew it up, you might not have to, depends on how you want it to look. I might add this shirt a little flavor, but thats next time.


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