it was still hot outside... but you got to think for FALL!

YES, I got some time for myself today, I was able to shopping around all day, my favorite shopping course is Used wear store and go to fast fashion store like Forever21, H&M, ZARA, and dollar store. Even in that store, I always look for sale section where clothes are getting cheaper than ever and out dated ofcourse thats why there cheap!

I like it cheap. the purpose of Remaqulous is to turn things into something fabulous, upcycing, repurposed, re-fashion. so turn this cheap clothes into something fancy is my mission. I had couple ideas for all the clothes I picked today.

  • ①Denim Jacket  ¥1700-I will cut the shoulder part to make it shoulder off jacket(trend like)
  • ❷Orange Nylon coat ¥1400-this was supposed to attach to sweat shirt to make it like sporty top.
  • ③Jamaican flag color see through shirt ¥980-oh this was for the jamaican festival this weekend. it fit me so well I dont even have to re-make it though…lets see.
  • ❹green pleats skirt ¥298-yea pleats skirt is my thing now….it gets me every time…especially when they are on sale like super duper cheap….

alrighty. lets see how I can take this from here.



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