let your palm shine!( palm bracelet)

Hand accessories are usually focused on fingers or wrist.

Missing part was the Palm! which has more space to express. I didnt realized it till I found very cute-simple palm bracelet with pearl on in Pinterest. As I love exaggeration when it comes to fashion. I wanted to bring it to the next level.

what you will need to make this bracelets are wires for necklaces its hardness enough to stay as you figure( yet manageable to change sometimes.) and pearls, many other things that can attach to the wires is fine. I used acrylic plate, so it can bring more colors. 

and just enjoy and be creative.  I loved how pearls are lined to your hand figure, its unusual, and it make you wonder how it is attached to your hand at firs sight.

my husband says its weird. but hey man, im good. its interesting, and something new!

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